Academic Authentication Procedure

KRG UK Representation’s legal authentication procedure:

Authentication of KRG documents:

All the documentation issued by the KRG’s departments must be first authenticated by the KRG’s  Department for Foreign Relations (DFR) before submitting them to our office. Our Consular Department cannot legalise any documents issued in Kurdistan Region if they are not authenticated first by DFR.


Authentication of UK documents:

Please be aware any UK documents must be legalised first by the UK’s Foreign and Commonwelth Office (FCO). For more information please visit this link:


Academic Documents Authentication:

Please note that academic documents must be signed by a Solicitor and then legalised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). We only authenticate academic documents that would be used in the Kurdistan Region only. However, if you wish to use it in other parts on Iraq then you have to send it to the Iraqi Cultural Attache after you legalise it by the FCO. The KRG legalisation process of academic documents can take up approximately 2 weeks as confirmations must be provided by the host universities.


The documents can be posted to us via the address below: 


2 Hobart Place, Belgravia, London, SW1W 0HU


Please see the following steps for authenticating the certificates:

– Submit the original copy of the certificates to the KRG office, as well as 2 copies of each transcripts and certificates, in person or by post. If you are posting your documents to us, use recorded delivery and make sure to enclose a pre-paid A4 recorded delivery envelop;  

– Provide a formal letter from University to confirm that they have issued the documents, the letter must not be older than 4 weeks;       

– Provide a photocopy of Iraqi passport; and

– Sign this( letter of consent ), authorising the KRG UK Representation to communicate with the university directly.

–             – The legalisation process is free of charge.


For more information please contact us on +442039279872 and