KRG Vision on Economy

Alternate Text

  • First: we will work to diversify Kurdistan’s economy, reducing our reliance on oil and gas. We will develop the agricultural, industrial, and tourism sectors to attract foreign investment.
  • Second: the agricultural sector will be one of our main priorities, as we will introduce new methods, advanced machinery, and expand our knowledge of scientific methods in order to improve quality across the sector. Furthermore, we will work to exploit our water resources, building dams and sources of sustainable energy. This will help preserve our water for agriculture, prevent desertification and increase green spaces.
  • Third: we will work to restructure the banking system in the Kurdistan Region, and ensure that the system serves both individuals and the public. We will encourage the use of bank accounts and electronic cards both to exchange currencies and reduce cash transactions.
  • Fourth: we will encourage investment in all fields, by providing fair opportunities for both national and international investors; to achieve this, we will edit and modify the KRG's investment laws.