How to do Business in Kurdistan Region

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How to do Business in Kurdistan Region:

Registering a company or branch in the Kurdistan Region
Note: It is strongly advised to seek appropriate local legal assistance

  • Requirements for incorporating a limited liability company in the Kurdistan Region and documents/actions needed
  • reservation of name of the proposed company at Chamber of Commerce.
  • completed application form;
  • draft company statement/company contract (similar to a memorandum of association);
  • for each corporate shareholder:
  • certificate of incorporation;
  • articles of association/charter;
  • board resolution approving the incorporation of a subsidiary in the Kurdistan Region;
  • power of attorney in favour of a Kurdistan Region lawyer to undertake
  • incorporation procedures;
  • or each individual shareholder:
  • passport copy;
  • power of attorney in favour of a Kurdistan Region lawyer;
  • lease of premises in the Kurdistan Region;
  • evidence of residency of proposed managing director in the Kurdistan Region;
  • deposit of initial share capital (minimum one million Iraqi dinars);
  • appointment of a statutory lawyer;
  • appointment of statutory accountant