The Kurdistan Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (K-FCCI)

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In coordination with the Chambers of Commerce in Erbil, Sulaymaniah, and Dohuk, the Kurdistan Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industry (K-FCCI) was founded on 3/2/2007.

It represents now the interests of industrial & businessmen and local & foreign owners of private companies in Kurdistan. They all count on K-FCCI to be their voice in Kurdistan Regional Government. And hence K-FCCI has worked to keep pro-business policies on the forefront of the legislative agenda and where the role of the Federation is manifested as legal assistance and acting as a lobby to get laws that are favorable to commercial and industrial activities in the whole of Kurdistan. K-FCCI is directed by Dara Jalil Al-Khayat as elected president along with two deputies of Mr. Sirwan Mohammed Mahmud and Ayad Hassan abdul-Haleim.

The Federation is a systematic organization of the regional business activities in the three chambers and all toward better management of their development projections in Kurdistan. To that end, K-FCCI has recently embarked upon an ambitious plan for human & institutional capacity building, with high-tech infrastructure for computerisation adopted for daily operation.

The main focus of the Federation is to establish a modern register number along with a relevant database for all the active members in the region of Kurdistan. And this must contribute to business promotion by K-FCCI all toward better identification of local partners and matching them with competitive foreign partners. Private sector development is prioritized as the way for modernization and development of the business climate, and this should help the private sector at large for more contribution to the economic development in Kurdistan.


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Kurdistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry:

  1. Erbil Chamber of Commerce & Industry 
  2. Sulaimany Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  3. Duhok Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  4. Halabja Chamber of Commerce & Industry