KRG UK Reception to celebrate Nawroz at the parliament - 2024

KRG UK Reception at the Labour annual conference

27th September 2022



PM of Kurdistan Region Masrour Barzani meets with UK PM Boris Johnson-10 Downing Street 2022

The development of the Kurdistan Region and bilateral relations between KRG and the UK

2nd November 2022

KRG UK High Representative Karwan Jamal Tahir's Speech at the annual event of Kam Production Event 2021

KRG UK Reception at the Labour annual conference


UK PM Boris Johnson receives Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani - Downing Street 2021

A remembrance event for the 30th Anniversary of Kurdistan Uprising and Sir John Major’s safe haven initiative - 2021

KRG UK Representation in the UK Marks the International Women's Day - March 2021

Renaissance Capital event 3rd annual MENA investor conference - May 2021

KRG UK Reception at the Conservative Party Annual Conference - Manchester 2021

Anfal memorial event, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations - 2021

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