Electronic visa to visit Kurdistan Region
The citizens of the countries below don’t need visa prior to their visits to the Kurdistan Region. They can obtain one month entry visa on arrival. If they want to stay more than a month, they should apply an extension at any residency offices in the cities of Kurdistan Region.
The countries exempted from applying visa:
(All EU members countries, United Kingdom,  USA, razil, South Korea, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey and Iran).
The holders of the UK travel documents who are Iranian citizens originally do not need visa in advance. They can also obtain it on arrival.
The citizens of all other countries which are not mentioned in the list above (Passport or travel document holders) must apply for the electronic visa via our office prior to their travel to The Kurdistan Region.

Kurdistan Region electronic visa new instructions

The KRG UK Representation has resumed issuing visa for applicants wishing to visit the Kurdistan Region. The applications must be made via post. Please follow below guide of supporting documents:

  • Colour copy of the passport or the travel document
  • A personal photograph, passport size
  • Please fill in this form 
  • The name and address of the hotel you will stay in the Kurdistan Region
  • The name, telephone number, address and the email address of the person you will stay with in the Kurdistan Region
  •  Application fee (£60)

Please post your documents to the below address of the KRG UK Representation:

KRG UK Representation, 2 Hobart Place, Belgravia, London SW1H 0RH

For more information, please contact us on 02039279780 or

Note: We will email you the electronic visa and you must print it and take it with you when you travel to Kurdistan Region in order to hand it to the immigration officers.