High Representative Karwan joins a Private Exhibition on Halabja

London, UK, October 15th 2021- Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir, the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom attended Gulan’s exhibition on ‘Halabja: In the Golden Days’ as part of journey festival international, held in partnership with Portsmouth’s Kurdish community and Artreach at Portsmouth Cathedral. The exhibition showcased a vibrant, colorful and distinctive collections of work resembling Halabja’s history, culture and beauty.

The exhibition was attended by the Kurdish community, as well as members of the civil society. The guests joined a special prayer to remember the atrocities committed against tens of thousands of innocent Kurds.  

High Representative Karwan extended profound appreciations to the Gulan charity for organising this incredible exhibition. He said: “Bringing Halabja into this “Journeys Festival International” to acknowledge and celebrate the history, natural beauty, and culture of Halabja is of immense value and importance. Geographically, Halabja places a historical position in the Kurdistan Region for agriculture and tourists due to its fertile land and natural geographical beauties, which has always contributed to the region’s development.”

He added: “This event itself at this great Cathedral in Portsmouth to celebrate the Halabja’s golden day is indeed a powerful message of support to the people of Halabja that they share the value of peace, coexistence and religious freedom. It is also a message to empower the victims of genocide and allows the victims’ souls to rest in peace.”

Sarah Panizzo, Gulan’s founder and trustee also addressed the celebration and reaffirmed Gulan’s efforts to promote the Kurdish culture and encourage greater understanding on the Kurdish culture in the UK.

This exhibition presents the works of 13 Kurdish artists, containing a fascinating arrays of items evoking memories of Halabja. It will continue to run until 3rd Nov 2021 from Mon to Sat 10am–3pm, Sun 12.45–3pm at Portsmouth Cathedral, High Street, Old Portsmouth, PO1 2HA.

High Representative Karwan was accompanied by Mr Khasro Ajgayi, Director of Political Affairs and Media at the KRG UK Representation.