KRG UK High Representation supports the Global Kurdish Film Festival

London, United Kingdom ( The London Kurdish Film Festival returned this year in a special virtual format celebrating its 20th anniversary and presenting the first ever Global Kurdish Film Festival Online Edition. 

To celebrate the creativity of Kurdish film industry, the Kurdistan Regional Government Representation in the United Kingdom was among the main funding partners of the Global Kurdish Film Festival which showcased over 100 Kurdish films online, with worldwide accessibility. During the official launch of the festival, the KRG High Representative to the United Kingdom, Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir expressed the KRG UK Representation’s support in a video, stating that :

“Cultural diplomacy is one of the main factors that shapes the cultural and social ties and also enables the nations to know one another. Films form an integral part of the Kurdish culture as it reflects on the Kurdish society in the past and present. This special edition will revisit the history of Kurds and highlight the old and new aspects of the Kurdish struggle in the Middle East.”

High Representative Karwan also added:

“This film festival contributes to promoting the Kurdish culture, reflecting the values we behold, as the film itself tells thousands of stories.”

The festival also offered the opportunity of Masterclasses with filmmakers as well as the Q&A session with the directors and other participants from the Kurdish film industry.