FCDO Statement on 33rd Anniversary of the Anfal campaign

Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, James Cleverly, said:

Saddam Hussein’s brutal assault against the Kurdish people in Iraq killed many men, women and children, as others were driven from their homes. Many who lost loved ones are still waiting for the truth about what really happened. Today, the 33rd Anniversary of the Anfal campaign, is a day to honour those who were killed or injured and to ensure that such crimes can never happen again. My thoughts are with all those who suffered in this tragedy.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of United Nations’ Security Council Resolution 688, and the subsequent no-fly zones over the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). This crucial security umbrella protected the Iraqi Kurds from Saddam’s regime, and created the conditions for the stability and prosperity of the region. This was an historic moment for Iraqi Kurds, and for the partnership between the UK and the KRI. In the years since, our relationship has only strengthened further.

The UK will continue to play its part in supporting the Kurdistan Region of Iraq to build a more peaceful, more prosperous future.”