Kurdish Diaspora can register for the UK Census 2021

On Tuesday 21st March 2021, the census will take place in the UK on Sunday 21 March 2021.  We advise everyone to complete the census and provide accurate personal details on the census official website. For the first time, the Kurdish diaspora can register themselves as Kurdish nationals and this is a vital step for the Kurds to be identified in the UK. All the members of Kurdish diaspora can register their details online until 21st March 2021. Every household must have received the registration code by post. If you have not received the code yet then a new code can be requested online via this link

The Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom, Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir has extended sincere gratitude to the Kurdish volunteers for their campaign to make the Kurdish identity visible in the UK Census 2021 and advises the Kurdish community to fill in the census.