KRG High Representative and FCO Iraq Team discuss developments in Iraq and the wider region

London, United Kingdom ( The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Iraq Team met with the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative, Mr Karwan Jamal following the wave of unrest in Iraq. The meeting was attended by Mr Ayaaz Nawab, Head of Iraq Team at FCO, Jonathan Tan, Desk Officer, Kurdistan Region, Iraq Team at FCO, Rebecca Atkinson, Desk Officer, Internal Politics, UN and Cultural Diplomacy – Iraq Team at FCO, and Olivia Murphy, Human Rights, Iraq Team at FCO.

The two sides held a broad discussion on the civil demonstrations in some parts of Iraq which has resulted in unrest situation. High Representative Karwan stressed the KRG’s concerns and regret that the legitimate demands of demonstration led to violent. High Representative Karwan also raised the Kurdistan Regional Government’s concerns over the evolving situation in Northeastren Syria.

The FCO Iraq Team also shared the same views on the situation in Iraq and Northeastren Syria, restating the UK’s position on “supporting the Iraqi government to deliver on legitimate demands of the protests,” and calling for de-escalation in Syria.

Mr Tahir expressed concerns on the recurrence of Daesh in vacuum as a result of resent incursion of Turkey that would destabilise Iraq and inflict violence at the national, regional and international level.  He said: “We in Kurdistan have been victims of the barbaric crimes of Daesh. With the support of Global Coalition, we have defeated Daesh militarily, and maintained stability, but its sleeper cells and ideology still remain.” He urged the world leaders to unite their efforts to sustain the stability that we all struggled for and “prevent radicalisation and stamp out extremist ideologies that have cost so many innocent lives across the globe.”    

In response, the FCO Team explored additional joint efforts with the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi Federal government to encourage political, economic and social reforms to create radical changes in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.