President of the Kurdistan Region visits KRG Representation in the United Kingdom

London, UK, September 17, 2021

During his official visit to the United Kingdom, the President of Kurdistan Region, Nechirvan Barzani, visited the KRG Representation in the United Kingdom and was warmly welcomed by High Representative and the representation’s staff. 

President Barzani praised the KRG UK for its essential role in promoting the KRG’s strategic vision and building active and effective bilateral engagements across various fields with the United Kingdom and Kurdish diaspora. 

High Representative Karwan Jamal Taher  underscored the President’s successful visit to the UK, which provided a vital opportunity to establish even stronger ties to accomplish overarching objectives and deal with shared challenges. Adding: “The KRG UK Representation is proud to serve the Kurdistan Region and will continue to develop and deliver greater collaborative working to attain beneficial outcomes in support of a more resilient region.”