KRG UK High Representative welcomes a team from Kurdish Cultural Organisation

London, UK, 9th November 2021- Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir, the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the UK met with the Head of the Kurdish Cultural Organisation, Mr Kova Ahmed and the Project Manager.

The Head of Kurdish Cultural Organisation briefly introduced the strategy of the Kurdish Cultural Organisation and its objectives in extending the work that is already underway to ensure the Kurdish creativity and culture are represented. 

The meeting also explored diaspora connectivity and engagements in practical terms to advance strong social and cultural connections in order to embrace the Kurdish culture in the UK. The two sides explored possibilities to forge new innovative ways through which the KRG UK Representation can engage to enhance the cultural exchange between the UK and Kurdistan Region. High Representative Karwan shed light on the importance of establishing different cultural and social organisations and shared the ambitious vision of the KRG UK Representation to work with the Kurdish diaspora and cultural organisations to provide the members of the Kurdish community with access to a remarkable range of cultural experience and also ensure that the creativity of Kurds is valued and given a chance to flourish