KRG UK High Representative addresses UCL University students

London, United Kingdom ( The UCL Diplomacy in Action Society hosted the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom, Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir for the third event on the Kurdistan Region with the aim of equipping students with in depth knowledge about the Kurdish National struggle in the Middle East and the historical developments in the Kurdistan Region. 

High Representative Karwan highlighted the transnational Kurdish awakening which has attracted substantial interests globally. He reflected on the Kurd’s geographical history and politics, emphasizing on the colonial borders of the Middle East. Mr Tahir’s speech also covered Kurdistan’s continued fight against Daesh, humanitarian and economic challenges, as well as the KRG’s relations with the international community. He said: the Kurdish people have well demonstrated their resilience through the most painful historical episodes. Despite the challenges we faced in Iraq, the Kurdistan Region has made remarkable achievements and has been a force of stability in the Middle East.”

Mr Tahir also offered his perspective on the recent resurgence of conflict in Iraq and the north-eastern Syria and explored practical possibilities of conflict resolution in the wider region.  The students also debated a range of questions related to the dynamics of Kurdish questions.