High Representative marks International Women’s Day

London, United Kingdom (uk.gov.krd) The Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom, Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir hosted a luncheon meeting to mark the International Women’s Day and reflect on the progress in the women’s movement in every sphere of society.

High Representative Karwan congratulated all the women and girls on International Women’s Day for their economic, political and social achievements in societies around the world. He said: “I am proud to be celebrating International Women’s Day with inspiring Kurdish women. The Kurdistan Regional Government remains determined to eliminate the barriers to equal opportunities, to tackle all forms of discrimination against women and to build a fairer society. By working together, we can create a society in which women are respected, represented, and are safe from violence.”

The occasion provided an opportunity for academics, business figures, political party representatives and activists to network and exchange views on eliminating discrimination and advancing gender equality. 

8 March 2020