New guidelines for issuing Power of Attorney and Life certificate

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (DFR.GOV.KRD) – Minister Safeen Dizayee, Head of Department of Foreign Relations (DFR) Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Thursday 11, June had a virtual meeting by video conference with the Bournemouth East MP, and defence select committee chairman Tobias Ellwood. 

At the meeting

Please see below guidelines for applicants from Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland

The KRG UK Representation offers online consular documentation forms for the Kurdish Diaspora whom are not able to visit the KRG UK Representation due to specific circumstances. Applicants are welcomed to submit forms to create Power of Attorney and Life Certificate.

Applicants must follow below instructions and present their requests in the correct format:

  • Please print the form of (Power of Attorney, Proof of life), fill them in, and take the form and a copy of Iraqi ID, National Identify Card or Iraqi Passport to the nearest Public Notary to certify your documents
  • Complete the form in the Kurdish language.

And then post the below documents to us:

  • The certified documents by the Public Notary
  • The filled Kurdish power of attorney or the proof or the life certificate
  • A copy ID of the attorney’s ID
  • A passport size photo

Please post all the above documents to the below address:

KRG UK Representation, 2 Hobart Place, Belgravia, London, SW1W 0HU


  • The KRG UK Representation will process your request and mail back two copies of the legal documents. This process will take ten working days
  • Please sign the copies and send one back to the KRG UK Representation and the other one to Kurdistan

Note: KRG UK Representation will not responsible for any lost documents.


For additional information, please contact the KRG UK Representation via phone 02039279870 or email:

, attended by KRG Representative in the United Kingdom Mr Karwan Jamal, Minister Dizayee gave a brief overview on the current political, security, economic and public health situations and developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, the KRG’s measures and efforts to contain the further spread of Covid-19 outbreak, as well as its needs and requirements for the fight against the virus.

Minister Dizayee and Mr Ellwood also discussed the Erbil and Baghdad ties and the Region’s position in resolving the ongoing outstanding issues. Meanwhile, they highlighted the importance of continued support of coalitions to the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in combating ISIS and preserving the security and stability of the region.

Minister Dizayee appreciated the effective role of the UK and Mr Ellwood for supporting the Kurdistan Region as a good friend of the Kurdish people, both of his current and previous position as the Minister of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On his part, MP Ellwood expressed his optimism on the level of the relations that exist between the two sides and hoped further strengthening them at all levels. He also stated that on post-COVID19 with the Committee Committee would like to visit the Kurdistan Region to take a closer look at the developments in the country.