High Representative Karwan Jamal Tahir met Wayne David the Shadow Minister for the Middle East and North Africa

London, United Kingdom (uk.gov.krd) – The Kurdistan Region’s High Representative to the UK Karwan Tahir met Labour MP, Wayne David online this week as part of the diplomatic mission’s continuing virtual outreach to all parts of British politics.

The MP is the new Shadow Minister for the Middle East and North Africa and is himself listening to a wide range of actors from the Middle East.

Representative Karwan gave a brief introduction to Kurdistan and his work. He stressed the need to understand that the Middle East’s mosaic is not just Arab and that the broader pluralism includes 40 million Kurds. He identified the key themes facing the Kurdistan Region: the need to diversify the economy, the need to overcome tensions with Baghdad through agreements based on the constitution, and the need to deepen and widen the mutually beneficial bilateral relationship with the UK.

Also in attendance was Gary Kent, the Secretary of the all-party parliamentary group on the Kurdistan Region. He outlined the history of the APPG and successes, such as persuading parliament to officially recognise the Anfal genocide and encouraging Top Gear to make a program in Kurdistan. He expressed the hope that Wayne David could join a virtual and eventually actual delegation to the Kurdistan Region.