Announcement regarding the KRG UK Consular Services

Due to COVID rules and the national lockdown, the KRG UK’s Department of Consular Service will not offer face to face appointments for consular matters until 22nd January 2021. This is to protect oneself and others from the virus.

The KRG UK Representation will be offering the consular service by post. For Power of Attorney and Proofs of living, please visit the KRG UK Representation’s Consular Service section via this link where you find the new guidance on issuing the legal documents.

For more information, please contact the KRG UK Representation office on 02039279870 or email

Please check the KRG UK website and Facebook page for regular updates.

To minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19, please follow the new public health guidance and consider your safety and the safety of other all the time.

Best regards

KRG UK Representation