High Representative Karwan participates at the 7th anniversary of Kam Filming Production Company

London, UK, 24th October 2021-  Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir, the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom participated at a special ceremony to celebrate the establishment of Kam filming production. The event brought together members of the Kurdish diaspora, political representatives, as well as the representatives from the cultural organisations.

During the event, the Director of Kam filming production company shared a brief history of the company, focusing on key elements that have continuing relevance to the success of its production. Mr Kamaran Karim said: “We would like to continue to be at the forefront of industry’s innovation with the aim of representing and introducing the Kurdish culture and identity to the world.”

High Representative Karwan represented the Kurdistan Regional Government and extended warm congratulations to Kam Filming Production Company on the 7th anniversary of its establishment. He said: “Film industry has been a key arena for projecting the values and identity. In the context of international relations, it has been considered as ‘cultural diplomacy’ or ‘soft power’. Cinema has a positive impact of people’s perception, it is a source of popular entertainment and can serve as a powerful factor for connecting people globally. A unified effort among the filmmakers and cultural organisations are of immense importance as it presents insight into the Kurdish culture and values.”

High Representative Karwan also spoke of the KRG UK Representation’s role in promoting cultural exchanges between the Kurdistan Region and the UK. He added: “We have collaborated with regional and international cultural organisations to reflect on the rich diversity of our nation.” He also pointed out that the Kurdistan Regional Government regards the Kurdish diaspora as a great national asset and development actors as they maintain reciprocal ties at home and abroad.

The event was concluded with presenting awards to the company’s representatives and the Kurdish diaspora in various fields.