Kurdish Language Conference Held in London

Alternate Text News : 6/23/2024

United Kingdon, London, ww.uk.gov.krd. The Kurdish Language Conference, organised by KANGA for Education, was recently held in London, drawing from a diverse group of academics, experts, teachers, and organisations dedicated to the field of education and the Kurdish language.

Karwan Jamal Tahir, the KRG High Representative to the UK, attended the conference and delivered a keynote speech. He expressed his gratitude to the President, members, and volunteers of KANGA for their efforts in organising the two-day event. He also extended thanks to the participating academics and experts, many of whom had travelled from outside of the UK and the Kurdistan Region.

Mr. Tahir underscored the importance of such conferences in discussing the preservation and development of the Kurdish language among the Kurdish diaspora. He emphasised that preserving the mother tongue is crucial for maintaining cultural values and roots, and he pledged the KRG UK's ongoing support for these initiatives: "I hope academics and experts can develop a roadmap that identifies the duties and responsibilities for preserving the Kurdish mother tongue based on the conference's recommendations," he stated.

The conference featured a variety of academic and scientific presentations, covering topics such as the historical preservation of the Kurdish language, its role in cultural identity, and the importance of the mother tongue in the diaspora. Sessions also explored the family's role in maintaining the Kurdish language among children abroad and shared insights from language education experiences in several European countries. The influence of Kurdish poetry, broadcasting, and literature on the language was also highlighted.

As the conference concluded, it was agreed that a series of recommendations would be formulated and directed to relevant parties, educational institutions, and organisations to further support the preservation and promotion of the Kurdish language.


22 - 23 June 2024