KRG High Representative Visits the Centre for Kurdish Studies at the University of Exeter

Alternate Text News : 6/13/2024

Exeter, United Kingdom, Karwan Jamal Tahir, KRG High Representative to the UK, recently visited the University of Exeter, where he was warmly welcomed by Professor Gareth Stansfield, Vice-Chancellor, and Professor Christina Phillips, Director of the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies. The reception was also attended by Dr Farangis Ghaderi, the Director of the Centre for Kurdish Studies and various staff members.

During the visit, discussions focused on the programs and initiatives of the Centre for Kurdish Studies, including the Kurdish archive digitisation program at the University of Exeter. This ambitious project aims to digitise over 40,000 Kurdish documents and research materials. This significant undertaking will not only preserve the rich history and heritage of Kurdistan but also facilitate access to centuries-old Kurdish documents, thereby enhancing scholarly research and public knowledge.

Mr. Tahir expressed his admiration for the progress and contributions of the Centre for Kurdish Studies. He emphasised the importance of this project and pledged full cooperation and support from the KRG UK to ensure its success. Additionally, discussions were held on introducing Kurdish language courses at the master's and doctoral levels, with both parties agreeing on the need for further coordination to achieve this goal.

As part of his visit, Mr. Tahir inaugurated an exhibition highlighting the history of the Kingdom of Iraq's establishment, Gertrude Bell's role in the region, and Kurdistan's struggle for independence. This exhibition, organised in collaboration with Newcastle University, features a collection of photographs and documents depicting key moments from World War I, the formation of the Kingdom of Iraq, and the Kurdish quest for independence.

Mr. Tahir lauded the University of Exeter and the Centre for Kurdish Studies for their dedication and efforts in promoting Kurdish history and culture. He reiterated his commitment to fostering continued collaboration and support for future initiatives.


13th June 2024