KRG UK hosts Nawroz celebration reception at the UK parliament

Alternate Text News : 3/20/2024

Houses of parliament, London, United Kingdom, The Kurdistan Regional Government UK Representation was delighted to host the annual Nawroz celebration reception in the UK Parliament jointly with Jack Lopresti MP, Chair of the APPG for Kurdistan Region.

Members of the Kurdish diaspora, MP's, Lords and many friends of Kurdistan joined us in celebration of Nawroz (Kurdish New Year). 

We were glad to have musician Mr Zana Perform the traditional Kurdish Nawroz song and have speeches from a host of dignitaries.

Kurdistan Regional Government UK High Representative, Karwan Jamal Tahir, warmly welcomed the distinguished guests, and he outlined the importance with which we hold Nawroz as a time of renewal and rebirth as we enter spring - most important during the current time of global tension. He also added that Nawroz for the Kurd, is a day that symbolises freedom and a victory over oppression.
The High Representative also emphasised the importance of the KRI-UK relationship and the strengthening of ties between the two nations that were so perfectly outlined by the attendance for Nawroz at the ‘Mother of Parliaments’.

In a speech, Jack Lopresti MP expressed his love of the region and spoke of the importance of the Kurdistan Region as a key UK ally in which they can always rely on, and almost unique in the region as a nation with shared values.

We were pleased to be joined by Shadow Minister for the Middle East, The Rt Hon Wayne David MP, who spoke warmly of his love of Kurdistan and the need for ever strengthening relations, including future UK delegations to the region.
Finally, we were fortunate enough to host Sulaymani Governor Haval Abubakir, who spoke of the resilience of the Kurdish people and the diaspora who had overcome genocide and successive attempts to destroy their nation. He celebrated that Kurds from across Kurdistan were united on Nawroz.


20th March 2024