KRG UK celebrates the International Women’s Day

Alternate Text News : 3/5/2024

United Kingdom, London, To celebrate the International Women's Day, the Kurdistan Regional Government UK Representation and Maryam Khan House of Arts organised a joint event of a discussion on the Kurdish women’s role in the UK and a collection of songs by the artist Zhala Rahimi. 

In the event which was attended by a large number of the Kurdish community, Qashang Abdullah the Head of Maryam Khan's House highlighted their organization's goals for further promoting the culture of Kurdistan and also the need of announcing the establishment of their organisation to further serve the Kurdish community in the UK.

Karwan Jamal Tahir Kurdistan Regional Government’s High Representative to the UK warmly congratulated all the women around the world, especially the Kurdistan’s women and said that the role of women, participation and their status are of great importance all over the world, and therefore the United Nations allocated March 8 to celebrate their important role in the entire world. He added:

“This year the whole world will celebrate this day with “inspire inclusion” which means inspiration to participate. The Kurdish community has always been known for having very capable women whose role have always been prominent and important. They have always been the means for the development of our society.” Mr Taher also thanked the artist Zhala Rahimi and the musical team for their participation and commended on their role in the promotion of the Kurdish culture to the world.

During the event, Dr Faniya Ismael, and Dr Shilan Ghafour who have been involved in innovation and scientific achievements in the UK and have received the British government and related institutions awards for their inventions delivered a presentation to highlight the different stages of their lives and the obstacles they have faced during their work. Both said that their resilience and determination to achieve their goals led them to register new inventions in the United Kingdom that have benefited the humanity around the world. The aim of the two presentations were to encourage and inspire the Kurdish women and girls in the UK to continue their struggle and advocate for strengthening the position of Kurdish women in the UK.

Later, the attendees shared joy with the musical part titled “Zambil Frosh” which included a number of songs by Ms. Zhala Rahimi.
The event was sponsored by the KRG UK Representation and Shah Post.

March 3, 2024