KRG High Representative visits the British Library

Alternate Text News : 3/4/2024

London، United Kingdom، Karwan Jamal Tahir Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative visited the British Library in London and was warmly welcomed by Dr. Michael Erdmann، Head of the Middle East and Central Asia Department.

During the visit, the representation delegation took a tour through the library and its sections، especially the Kurdish section، which contains hundreds of titles. At the same time the KRG High Representative and the Head of the Middle East and Central Asia Department at the library held productive discussions on the importance of strong cooperation between the KRG and the British Library.

Karwan Jamal Tahir pointed out that Kurdish history and language are an important part of the Middle East and said that the KRG representation will collaborate with the Library by providing more Kurdish books and titles so that the Kurdish and non-Kurdish readers have more resources and more information about Kurdistan.

Dr. Michael Erdmann expressed his gratitude for the visit of KRG UK representation and the readiness to provide assistance to enrich the Kurdish section of the library، saying that those who speak Kurdish in the world are large in number and are a large community in the UK and that the library constantly needs help with providing resources, therefore they will do everything possible to add more resources and titles to their library.

The British Library contains more than ten kilometres of shelves and 190 million titles, sources and archives, including the Kurdish section which serves the Kurds and the Kurdish language well.



4th March 2024