High Representative, Karwan Jamal Tahir, and the KRG representation team attended the annual Labour Party Conference

Alternate Text News : 10/9/2023

Liverpool, United Kingdom, www.uk.gov.krd. Thousands of Labour Party delegates, as well as diplomatic representatives, NGOs, and those from the private sector, were present. The Kurdistan Region Representation were pleased to engage with a wide breadth of people and organisations, brief them on the Kurdistan Region, and discuss mutual areas of understanding and benefit.

At the conference, the KRG High Representative attended the Head of Mission’s reception and met with shadow cabinet members, fellow ambassadors, heads of diplomatic missions, and Lord and MPs, where they discussed the recent developments and the mutual relations between the governments.

The KRG representation were particularly pleased to hold the annual conference reception again this year, to welcome old and new friends of Kurdistan Region from the Labour Party, including Shadow Foreign Minister for the Middle East, Rt Hon Wayne David MP.
In his reception speech, High Representative, Karwan Jamal Tahir, wished to express his condolences to the friends and family of former Labour MP, Shadow Foreign Minister, and Peace Envoy to Iraq, Ann Clwyd, who passed way earlier this year. Ann was a tremendous friend to the Kurdish nation and she will be missed.

High Representative Tahir went on in his speech to highlight the need for close relations across the political spectrum, noting the importance of the Kurdish diaspora and their growing engagement in politics and local councillors, MPs and candidates. Mr Tahir also emphasised the importance of UK foreign policy for constructive involvement in the Middle East, particularly now that instability is leading the area into dangerous outcomes.

Rt Hon Wayne David MP, Shadow Minister for the Middle East, thanked the High Representative for his comments regarding his friend and fellow Welsh MP, Ann Clwyd in his speech, and spoke about the importance of his role in engaging with the Middle East countries. He commented on the need to visit Middle East partners regularly as part of a Labour foreign policy that used it’s potential to promote peace. Mr David was steadfast in his support for Kurdistan Region and promised in government they would continue to work constructively.

8th-11th October 2023.