High Representative receives directors of Kurdish Film Forum in Birmingham and Kurdish Clerisy

Alternate Text News : 9/14/2023

United Kingdom، London، www.uk.gov.krd. Karwan Jamal Tahir High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the UK welcomed Daro Aziz director of the Kurdish Film Forum in Birmingham and Gova Ahmed director of the Kurdish Clerisy Organisation in the UK and their accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, they highlighted the Kurdish Film Festival that will be taking place in Birmingham and is jointly oarganised by the two above organisations on 17-19 April 2023 with the participation of a number of foreign and Kurdish filmmakers and actors from Kurdistan and abroad. Several Kurdish films will be screened, including 09 film. The delegation requested the assistance of KRG UK in order to successfully achieve this artistic event.

The KRG UK High Representative congratulated the two organisations that are serving the Kurdish culture in the UK with their activities. He stressed that as part of the KRG UK’s cultural diplomacy, they will provide all kinds of assistance in order to achieve this important artistic activity. At the same time, he said، "I hope that the Kurdish people will not miss this opportunity and go to the cinemas where the films would be shown, meet the filmmakers, producers and actors closely."

22 September 2023