KRG UK joined London Lambeth reception

Alternate Text News : 7/2/2023

London, United Kingdom, On the occasion of Eid al-Adha، a delegation from the KRG consisted of Khasro Ajgayi director of political affairs and media and Hawre Kawani director of economic and commercial affairs participated in a reception organised by Sarbaz Barzanji Mayor of London Lambeth council. The event was attended by representatives of the King of Britain, several Mayors and council members in different parts of London and a number of diplomats, representatives of different organisations, communities and religions communities of Lambeth and London.

Mayor Sarbaz Barzinji warmly welcomed the attendees, noting that their municipality like all other parts of London has different components of religions, nations and communities and their municipality serves everyone without any difference.

The KRG UK delegation shed light on the recent developments in the Kurdistan Region and referred to the peaceful coexistence of all different nations and religions in the Region which has become a symbol of freedom, democracy and coexistence in the Region.

It is worth mentioning that Sarbaz Barzinji is a citizen of the Kurdistan Region and is active in the world of British politics. He was initially elected as a member of the municipality of London Lambeth and now is elected as mayor of the council.

London Lambeth
2nd July 2، 2023