KRG High Representative participates in the launch of a report on KRG_UK relations

Alternate Text News : 6/23/2023

United Kingdom, London, UK Parliament, Cambridge Middle East and North Africa Forum and AUDRE International organised a meeting in the Parliament to launch a report regarding the mutual relations between the Kurdistan Region and the UK 20 years after the liberation of Iraq.

In the event which was attended by the High Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government to the UK, a number of politicians, diplomats, journalists, representatives of several of British companies and research centers, Dr. Burjo Ozgijel the chair of the Middle East and North Africa Forum and Charles Blackmer president of the AUDERI Center briefed the attendees on the results of their research related to the relations between the Kurdistan Region and the United Kingdom. Both explained the content of the report to the audience while thanking the Rudaw Research Center which sponsored the project.

The preparations for the report consisted of a two-day workshop at the University of Cambridge where a number of academics, experts and researchers presented researches, analysed the obstacles, discussed the political process in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and the issues they are facing, also the impact of Britain and the allies on the situation in Iraq and the Region 20 years after the liberation. The other phase of the preparation of the report was several meetings conducted by Dr. Ozgijel in Kurdistan Region with the formal and non-formal relevant departments in Kurdistan Region.

Karwan Jamal Tahir Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the UK thanked all parties for preparing the academic report which includes several important recommendations. He said that the Kurdish people and the Kurdish liberation movement struggled for democracy for Iraq and freedom for the people of Kurdistan, and after the collapse of Saddam’s regime, the Kurds participated in the state-building for Iraq and the nation-building for the Kurdistan Region with the aim of building a federal, democratic, and pluralistic state. "Unfortunately, our efforts to build a state and citizenship have faced a number of internal challenges and external influences, resulting in becoming one of the biggest obstacles to stability in the entire country." Said Karwan Jamal Taher.

The High Representative also said that the relations with the UK have a long history, and in most stages, the UK has been supportive to Kurdistan. He added that because of the UK’s historical position and strong influence, it can play more effective role in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region and take the lead in resolving the problems between Erbil and Baghdad. In his speech the Karwan Jamal Taher emphasised on the aspects of defence, security, reform process and education which the UK plays a leading role in cooperation with the Kurdistan Region.

At the event a number of recommendations were suggested by the audience, and the participants described Kurdistan Region as a strong and influential actor in the region's political arena and highlighted the region's achievements in all fields, including democracy, freedom, human rights, coexistence, and the establishment of government institutions, and became the a symbol of freedom and coexistence in the Middle East. They stressed that Britain should pay more attention to its relations with the Kurdistan Region, treat it as a key ally in the region, and play a greater role in supporting the security and the development of the Region.

London, UK parliament
23rd June 2023