A delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government participates in the Kurdistan Region-UK joint trade forum

Alternate Text News : 6/14/2023

A delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government consisted of Kamal Muslim minister of Trade and Industry of the Kurdistan Region, Ms. Amal Jalal Head of the Tourism Board and a number of Kurdistan Region’s businesses, Karwan Jamal Tahir KRG UK High Representative to the UK, and Muhammad Jafar Al-Sadr ambassador of the Federal Republic of Iraq to the United Kingdom participated in the Joint Trade Forum between Britain and Kurdistan which was organised by the Kurdistan-British Council in cooperation with West London Chambers of Commerce.


During the forum which was attended by a number of representatives of British and Kurdistan companies, business institutions and investors, the KRG’s Minister for Trade and Industry highlighted the importance of strengthening the trade relations between the Kurdistan Region and the United Kingdom, and how to further develop these links, and prepare special plans and programs to gain benefit from British expertise and technology to implement them in KRG’s strategic projects. He thanked the UK for its continuous support and asked for more assistance in the future. He also highlighted opportunities for investment in the fields of trade and industry and called on British companies to invest in the Kurdistan Region.

Ms. Amal Jalal Head of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Tourism Board highlighted the opportunities for investment in tourism sector and said that in addition to the charming nature of Kurdistan, there are many other tourism spots that can attract tourists, including religious and archaeological relics. She said the Kurdistan Regional Government provides all the facilities, and assistance for companies and investors to invest in tourism field and take advantage of the big opportunities in this sector.

During the conference several workshops were held on the sectors of trade and tourism and how to invest in the Kurdistan Region, and also the importance of the Kurdistan Region for British businesses and companies. They also shed light on the KRG's incentives for the foreign companies and investors to come and invest in Kurdistan and to also have the opportunity to enter the Iraqi market.

Meanwhile, a dinner reception was organised by the British-Kurdish Business Council. In a speech, Nadhim Zahawi MP said his country's government wants to have a strong relationship with the Kurdistan Region and wishes to strengthen the partnership between both sides. He stressed that investment opportunities are high for British companies in the Kurdistan Region, especially for the British industry which can play a major role in the Kurdistan Region.

Mohammad Jafar al-Sadr ambassador of the Federal Republic of Iraq to the United Kingdom delivered a speech and said that the federal government supports British and international companies to invest in Iraq and Kurdistan Region. On the other hand he reiterated the federal government's agenda to resolve all the issues between Erbil and Baghdad and enhance the stability to promote the country's economy, and highlighted the rate of investment between Britain and Iraq that has increased by 50% compared to the previous year.

During the reception, Karwan Jamal Tahir KRG UK High Representative delivered a speech to the audience in which he highlighted the long history between Iraq, the Kurdistan Region and the United Kingdom. He said that further cooperation is expected by the UK to strengthen trade and economic relations between the two sides. He also mentioned that the KRG is constantly reviewing the rules and reform the laws and regulations to further improve the economy, noting the digitisation of the registration of foreign companies. He added that this step would further encourage them to work in Kurdistan. He also highlighted the importance of establishing the Kurdish-British Business Council, particularly focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, and said that small and medium-sized enterprises are the key to economic growth of each country. He told the British companies that there are many opportunities and a good environment for investment in the Kurdistan Region and called on the British government to encourage more British companies to invest in the Kurdistan Region.

14th June 2023