KRG High Representative receives a delegation from KANGA educational organisation

Alternate Text News : 6/2/2023

United Kingdom, Karwan Jamal Tahir Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative (KRGUK) welcomed the management board of the KANGA Educational Organisation and a number of school administrators supervised by the organisation.

The delegation initially thanked the KRG's High Representative for all the support the KRG offers to different Kurdish community organisations، especially in the field of education، culture, and the Kurdish language in order to successfully develop their projects and programs that will do great service to the Kurdish language and the preservation of the culture of our nation. Meantime, the delegation presented a brief introduction about the organisation's work and future programs, several ideas, and suggestions، and asked for KRG’s support to make them successful.

Karwan Jamal Tahir reiterated KRG UK’s coordination and cooperation and said that part of the main work of the Kurdistan Regional Government's Representation in the UK is to support all the projects and activities related to the Kurdish culture, language, and education for the Kurdish children. He also said that the KRG UK representations had always received the Kurdish organisations and listened to their suggestions and opinions and participates in their activities and sponsor some of them. a part.

During the meeting, an open and thorough discussion was held about a number of proposals aimed at promoting Kurdish schools and unifying the education system by taking advantage of the official educational institutions in the Kurdistan Region, all of which are available on the website of the Ministry of Education of the Kurdistan Region. The meeting also shed light on the problems facing Kurdish schools in all fields.

The delegation recommended the formation of a board or an educational expert committee to oversee the Kurdish education process in the UK. KRG UK High Representative suggested a meeting for directors and supervisors of all Kurdish schools in the UK with the aim of exchanging ideas on all the issues related to the Kurdish education in the UK.

May 2nd 2023