LSE’s Middle East Centre organises a two day conference on Kurdish Studies

Alternate Text News : 4/24/2023

United Kingdom, London, At the conference, a number of doctoral academic research were presented that focused on the political, social and cultural aspects of The Kurds, and referred to the history of the Kurdish people, the struggle & the liberation movements, the Kurds successive revolutions in all parts of Kurdistan in the history of the past 100 years. The researchers have also shed light on the important role of the Kurds and the political movement of Kurdistan and their impact on the political life and stability of the Middle East.

During the conference a number of Doctoral research on the Kurdistan Region's governing experiment were presented and discussed by the participants.

The conference was organised by the LSE's Middle East Centre and was attended by more than 100 Kurdish and non-Kurdish academics who conducted academic research on Kurds and Kurdistan.

Khasro Ajgayi, director of political Affairs and media, and Hawre Kawani director of trade and investment relations represented the KRG UK Representation at the conference.  

April 24-25, 2023