KRG High Representative meets with the FCDO State Minister for ME and the UN

Alternate Text News : 12/5/2022

London, United Kingdom (, The Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom, Karwan Jamal Tahir, was warmly welcomed by Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, the Minister of State for the ME and the UN, at the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office. Here, they discussed bilateral relations and the level of cooperation between the United Kingdom and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

High Representative Karwan Tahir conveyed his government’s gratitude for Britain’s continued support and collaboration in security, the economy, the judiciary and in education. He stressed that the strong bond between the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the United Kingdom is vital, and we are committed to continuing to strengthen the cooperation even further.

The High Representative also briefed the State Minister on the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, including the formation of the new government of federal Iraq, where there is a mutual understanding among all parties to resolve outstanding disputes between the region and the federal government according to the Iraqi constitution.

Lord Ahmad reiterated the support of his government to federal Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, highlighting the importance of security, stability, human rights and respect for freedom of religion and beliefs, adding that “For us, the stability of the Kurdistan Region is essential, because it will have an impact on the whole Iraq”. 

Both sides reiterated continuing the strong relationship and more coordination between the United Kingdom and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.