KRG High Representative delivered a lecture at Durham University

Alternate Text News : 12/1/2022

London, United Kingdom (, The Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom, Karwan Jamal Tahir, delivered a lecture at Durham University, Durham School of Government and International Affairs at St Aidan's College, organized by the Institute for Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies as part of the Ambassadorial Lecture, titled "Oppressed minority to a regional player: Kurdistan Region's Success, Drivers, and Challenges." The event was attended by university staff and students.

High Representative shed light on the oppression Kurd have endured throughout history, which was marked with tumultuous events, from persecution, denial of identity, and marginalization, to ethnic cleansing, simply because the Kurds fought for freedom and democracy, as they believe that this is the only way they can secure their full rights, he added "the Kurds have remained solid and resistant due to their beliefs and aspirations of self-determination and never surrendered to the brutality endured.

The high Representative highlighted the eras of transformation, the successes the Kurdistan Region have achieved, and how the Kurds have become a significant player regionally and internationally. Adding, "Kurdistan Region has flourished in the light of international attention; we share many values and consistent interests, most importantly peace and stability, which is in the interest of everyone".

The lecture also outlined the challenges the Kurdistan Region faces and the mechanism for addressing them towards a sense of sustainable peace and overcoming the matters, including preserving sovereignty from external violations.