KRG High Representative attends LMEC Iftar

Alternate Text News : 3/27/2024

24/03/24, London, Karwan Jamal Tahir, Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the UK, attended an Iftar which was hosted by the newly formed Labour Middle East Council (LMEC) with a number of Ambassadors, MPs, and Lords.

In a speech, former Ambassador to Afghanistan, Sir William Patey, explained the purpose of establishing the Council to provide Labour MPs with a better understanding of the Middle East, its problems, and its characteristics.

Rt Hon Wayne David, Shadow Minister for the Middle East, spoke of the importance of establishing such an organisation and expressed his support.

KRG UK Representative, Mr Tahir, thanked Miran Hassan, Director of the Council, and Sir William for the invitation to the event and extended his congratulations on their success, while emphasizing the need and importance of the Kurdistan Region and the Kurdish people to feature prominently in the aims and objectives of the group.

The meeting was a good opportunity to discuss the contemporary challenges in the Middle East and exchange views with influential members within foreign policy circles.