A delegation from the parliament's Home Affairs, Security and Local Governments visited UK

Alternate Text News : 2/24/2023

London, United Kingdom, www.uk.gov.krd, A delegation of the Kurdistan Parliament's Home Affairs, security and local councils, headed by Shakhawan Rauf Bag, chairman of the committee, deputy and decision-maker and a number of members of the committee visited The United Kingdom in order to meet with their counterparts at the UK parliament and local governments in London.

On the first day of the visit, the delegation had observed one of the UK parliament’s sessions in the Main Hall of the British Parliament to get acquainted with the daily work of the parliament and the process of discussions and the questions and answers. In a separate meeting, the parliamentary delegation was warmly welcomed by Parliamentarians Bombus Charalambos, Minister of Middle East and North African Affairs in the Shadow Cabinet, Lloyd Russell, a member of APPG to support Kurdistan Region, Virenda Sharma MP and Baroness Christine Blower member of the House of Lords. The Kurdistan parliament delegation focused on the situation in the Kurdistan Region, the obstacles to the Political Process in Iraq, the relationship between the region and the federal government and the ongoing problems that have not been solved between the two sides. The parliament delegation shed light on the importance of finding solutions for those issues, including the military cooperation between Peshmarga and the Iraqi forces in the areas outside the administration of Kurdistan Region, known as areas of article 140 of the constitution. The delegation also highlighted  the developments of the Peshmarga reform process and their unification, and called for more British assistance. The delegation also highlighted the incursions and the attacks by the neighbouring countries causing instability to the region.

During their visit to the UK, the delegation also visited Lambeth council and met with Sarbaz Barzinji deputy mayor of the council and congratulated him for his new post. The deputy mayor of Lambeth presented a summary about the work of the local councils, the responsibilities and the authorities of the municipalities in the UK.

The delegation also visited Westminster local government and was welcomed by the mayor of the council Hamza Tauzal. The delegation briefed the Mayor on the local governments working system, and the committee’s continuous work in order to develop the law of the local councils. The Mayor of Westminster highlighted the process of electing the members, the cabinet and the Mayor of the council, and the relations with the central government. He reiterated their readiness to assist Kurdistan Region to develop the work of the local governments.

20-23 February 2023