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Consular and Legal Services


We in the consular and legal services provide our services in every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. No Appointment Needed.

Services we provide:

1- Specific power of attorney

2- General power of attorney

3- Cancellation of power of attorney (applies only to those issued by the KRG UK Representation)

4- Proof of Life (also known as Certificate of Life, Letter of Existence, Certificate of Existence)

5- Visa application to enter Kurdistan Region

6- Authentication of:

 a-  Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates

 b- Iraqi identification documents (Civil Status ID, Nationality Certificate only if they are issued in the Kurdistan Region)

 c- Company registration documents


Please note:

1- We do not issue Iraqi passports. Please contact the Iraqi Embassy.

2- Regrettably we are unable to provide financial assistance to bereaved families who wish to send the deceased body to Kurdistan. We can however provide advice and we issue a support letter to be attached with death certificate.


Address of Consular and Legal Services:

KRG UK Representation

50 Broadway


For more information, please:

Call :


email: uk@gov.krd

What you need to bring with you:

For issue of Specific power of attorney, General power of attorney, Cancellation of power of attorney and Proof of Life

you have to bring these with you:

  1- Your recent passport size photo (one photo)

  2- Your Iraqi ID (either Iraqi passport or Iraqi citizenship card Civil Status card), and we also accept photocopies

  3- Full name of the agent, lawyer or relative to whom you are giving power of attorney


For visa application to enter Kurdistan Region, you have to bring:

  1- Passport or Travel Document

  2- Your recent passport size photo (one photo)

  3- Full name, phone number and address of a person whom you visit him or reservation in a hotel or place of stay in Kurdistan

  4- Your full address in UK

You can download Visa application by clicking on ( Visa Application Form ) in pdf format

Please we prefer if you check what you need to bring with you before you visit our office.