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PM Barzani receives the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, (gov.krd) - Kurdistan Region Prime Minister, Nechirvan Barzani, yesterday received the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, accompanied by Nadhim Zahawi, member of the British Parliament and a number of British businessmen.

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  • Amnesty: A harsh winter for hundreds of thousands displaced in Iraqi Kurdistan

    WED, 28 JAN 2015 23:47

    By Francesca Pizzutelli

    ( livewire.amnesty.org) From the plane, the change of seasons is evident: what three months ago was a large expanse of arid, dusty yellow land, now is dark brown and punctuated by moist green patches. After a first visit in September, my colleague Khairun and I are back in Iraqi Kurdistan (officially known as Kurdistan Region of Iraq, or KRI) to assess the human rights situation of Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqis alike.

    As a result of the advance of the Islamic State armed group (IS) and other violence across the country, more than 2 million Iraqis were displaced during 2014. Nearly half of them, some 950,000, are now in the KRI, a small, semi-autonomous area in northern Iraq with a population of 5.2 million. In other words, the region has seen an influx of people equivalent to almost a fifth of its population – it would be like Scotland suddenly receiving a million people from England and Wales.

    Most of them are Yezidis from the Sinjar region, in addition to Turkmen and Arabs from towns and villages around Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city. Before January 2014, the KRI had already opened its doors to about 230,000 refugees from Syria.

    Amnesty: A harsh winter for hundreds of thousands displaced in Iraqi Kurdistan

  • Window on Westminster

    TUE, 27 JAN 2015 23:53


    Last week in Westminster was a very emotional rollercoaster ride of highs and lows in Anglo-Kurdish relations. It started with the magisterial Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) report suggesting that Kurdish independence may be coming and should be respected and accepted by the great powers in certain circumstances. We need to be clear about what happened here. An independent parliamentary committee made this judgement and it is not the policy of the British government. Their formal response to the FAC is due in March. 

    Window on Westminster

  • Angelina Jolie visits Kurdish refugees: 'we are failing in Iraq' -Video

    MON, 26 JAN 2015 19:15

    Angelina Jolie visits a Kurdish refugee camp in Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan. The US actress says the international community is failing to address the fierce conflicts in Iraq and Syria, and calls on world leaders to find a way to move forward. 'For all the immense efforts and good intentions, the international community is failing,' she says

    Angelina Jolie visits Kurdish refugees: 'we are failing in Iraq' -Video

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