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We Kurds are the antidote to Isis – but we need Britain and Baghdad to help

To defeat Isis we need a mixture of more inclusive Iraqi politics and increased western military commitment. Politically this means an ideological struggle led by Muslims who have no sneaking regard for Isis. At the forefront is the Kurdistan region, a sworn enemy of Isis, with which we now share a 650-mile border. 

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  • Window on Westminster By Gary Kent

    THU, 23 JUL 2015 16:51

    A classic question in international politics used to be whether Lenin led to Stalin. The correct conclusion is that the virus of tyranny and coercion was present in Lenin's socialist ideology but that does not necessarily mean that it lurks in all socialist ideologies. Likewise Daesh finds inspiration in the fundamentalist variant of Islam that is not accepted by most Muslims and who are its targets.

    Window on Westminster By Gary Kent

  • Window on Westminster

    THU, 16 JUL 2015 13:28

    By Gar Kent

    Parliament is in its last week before the summer break but MPs from the all-party parliamentary group on the Kurdistan Region have been putting solidarity with Kurds on the agenda. As promised at the recent KRG reception, APPG Chairman Jason McCartney returned to the issue of funding the KRG and arming the Peshmerga. He asked the Middle East Minister Tobias Ellwood this week to 'agree that the Baghdad Government must now fulfil their financial obligations to the Kurdistan Regional Government, so that they in turn can properly arm and fund the Peshmerga, who are fighting the terrorist threat of ISIL-Daesh in northern Iraq.'

    Window on Westminster

  • High Representative's speech at the KRG UK 11th annual reception

    THU, 9 JUL 2015 15:33

    Since my arrival here in London in June, I have had the great honour of meeting many friends of the Kurdish people – some I have yet to meet. But I am delighted to say many of them are here today. We are indeed privileged to have you as friends of the people of Kurdistan. Thank you friends!

    High Representative's speech at the KRG UK 11th annual reception

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