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Kurdish Genocide Task Force

About the task force

The Kurdish Genocide Task Force (KGTF) is an international group, endorsed and supported by the Kurdistan Regional Government, which advises on how to raise awareness and gain recognition for the Kurdish genocide, how to gain justice for the victims and survivors and how to incorporate the crimes against the Kurds in school and university curriculums that cover genocide.


The KGTF is working to achieve the following:

  1. Legal and political recognition of Kurdish genocide by the United Nations, European Union, international governments and parliaments
  2. International public awareness of the genocide
  3. Inclusion of the Kurdish Genocide on educational curriculums and academic research
  4. Reparations and financial compensation for the victims and survivors of the genocide in Iraq
  5. The prosecution of those responsible for the genocide, including companies which supplied chemical weapons to use against the civilian population, making them complicit in genocide
  6. Identification and repatriation of loved ones’ bodies from mass graves all over Iraq


The Kurdish Genocide Task Force is co-chaired by Robert Halfon MP, Vice-Chair of the all-party group on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq and Dr Brian Brivati, a genocide expert. Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, the KRG High Representative to the UK is the Director providing the strategic direction and leadership to the task force, which consists of permanent members as well as associates who are legal and academic experts, campaigners, parliamentarians, and cultural representatives. The KRG UK office functions as the Task Force's Secretariat.

Working groups

  • Communications and Campaigning Group (CCG)
  • Research and Education Group (REG)
  • Legal and International Recognition Group (LIRG)
  • Special Action Group (SAG)