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The KRG UK Representation is highly active in all areas of the Kurdish genocide work including raising awareness about the genocide in Britain. It highlights Kurdish genocide is various ways throughout the year by marking anniversaries and remembering the victims and their families. It also encourages the Kurdish community to raise awareness and to commemorate the crimes in their local communities across the UK.

The KRG UK office works closely with the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq which, among its many other activities, promotes and supports the international recognition of the Kurdish genocide and raises awareness of the issue among British parliamentarians and interest groups.

The APPG, with the help of the KRG UK Representation, also organises parliamentary missions to the region, which provide an excellent opportunity for MPs and Peers from the main political parties in the UK to visit the region and learn more about Kurdistan and the Kurdish genocide. Parliamentary delegations have in the past visited places in Kurdistan where genocide attacks took place; they have visited various organisations in Kurdistan which work with the victims, as well as spoken with survivors affected by these heinous crimes. One of the key objectives of these trips is to explore how the UK can help Kurdistan with the genocide legacy, awareness-raising and international recognition.

The KRG UK Representation is actively supporting the online petition by Nadhim Zahawi MP which calls on the British government to recognise the Kurdish genocide.

In May 2011 the KRG UK Representation initiated the Kurdish Genocide Task Force (KGTF) based in London. For further information about the Task Force, please see below.

The KRG is funding the Kurdistan Memory Programme (KMP) which is an ambitious project to document the triumphs and tragedies of the Kurds in modern times. It seeks to inform the work about the significance of Kurdish history, and its role in shaping the political contours of the Middle East. The goal of the KMP is to establish a permanent, faithful and factual record of past with the aim of preventing any future repetition. The KMP is directed by the award-winning documentary film maker Gwynne Roberts and Sadie Wykeham.