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  21 Nov. 2015
Sussex MP Henry Smith says we need to be “flying alongside” the French in strikes on Islamic State

(www.theargus.co.uk) A SUSSEX MP says we need to be “flying alongside” the French in strikes on Islamic State after he visited the war torn region.

Henry Smith, MP for Crawley, visited Iraq on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Kurdistan – visiting refugee camps, meeting the Prime Minister of Iraqi Kurdistan, and going to the frontline with the Kurdistani army.

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  21 Nov. 2015
Paris attacks: Oui, je suis Francais - but we should also say that we are all Peshmerga



Gary Kent on the fight by the Kurds against Isis, which has largely been carried out far away from the headlines

A week ago we all woke up to the horror of mass murder in Paris by a fascist death cult.

I was then with seven MPs over 2,000 miles away in Iraqi Kurdistan as Sinjar was taken back from the same barbaric group. A year ago in Sinjar they kidnapped, raped and enslaved hundreds of women. Older ones were killed and dumped in a mass grave.

Victory at Sinjar was a psychological blow to what the Kurds call Daesh and we call Isis and also cut their main supply route between Syria and Iraq. Sinjar and Paris may be connected. Daesh knew defeat was looming and slaughter in France diverted attention from it. Daesh uses territory in Iraq and Syria to radicalise, recruit, and fundraise for war and spectacular atrocities in the Middle East and the West. They are going global.

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  19 Nov. 2015
Garvan Walshe: A dispatch from the front lines in the struggle against ISIS

By Garvan Walshe

 By attacking Paris, ISIS made a grave mistake: it attacked the Western power most willing to use force in its own defence. It did so because it is under significant military pressure. Last Friday it lost Sinjar, the district from which it abducted thousands of Yezidi women as sex slaves and in which the mass graves of men and older women are now being uncovered after Kurdish forces liberated it. Sinjar overlooked Highway 47, which used to connect ISIS’s two main cities of Raqaa, in Syria, and Mosul, in Iraq, but is now in Kurdish hands.

I was in Kurdistan last week where Kuridsh peshmerga commanders briefed us at another front south west of the city of Kirkuk, some four kilometres from ISIS-held territory. In the last year they have lost 1,300 men, and accepted more than one million refugees, a 20 per cent increase in their population.

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