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  26 Nov. 2015
Briefing by Karwan Jamal Tahir, Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the UK

The Kurds of Iraq used to say we have no friends but the mountains but over the last 25 years our friendship with Britain and the wider West has changed that for the better.

Your decision to institute a no-fly zone in 1991 helped bring back hundreds of thousands of Kurds who were freezing and dying in the mountains where they had fled from Saddam Hussein's helicopter gunships.

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  25 Nov. 2015
I admit it – Iraq was a mistake. But that shouldn't stop us intervening in Syria

As to the political plan, the UK and our allies should signal their openness to new solutions. The borders of Syria and Iraq were largely drawn by two British and French diplomats in 1916. They should not be considered immutable. If the leaders of either country cannot construct a state where all communities can live together, it will be right to consider international support for their partition. Kurds have shown their ability to run their own affairs. A subdivided Syria might now be the only one that can be at peace.
Would all of this have risks? Yes, very serious ones. But in choosing between unpalatable alternatives, the risks of doing too little while a terrorist state exists are greater still.
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  24 Nov. 2015
A Snapshot of Life in Erbil and Kirkuk

The all-party group despatched an emergency delegation last week to express solidarity with Kurdistan. It comprised Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood, Labour's Lord (Maurice) Glasman, Leo Docherty, Director of the Conservative Middle East Council and me.

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