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  12 Dec. 2015
Kurds challenge anti-war leaders in London


LONDON—'Stop the war, destroy the Daesh genocide and rape machine' was the ironic slogan held up by Kurds as supporters of the Stop the War Coalition - stoppers for short - made their way into a London restaurant for a fundraising dinner Friday night. Other placards said airstrikes saved Kobane and liberated Sinjar. They also urged the stoppers not to betray the Kurds and said 'Thanks to British friends for the airstrikes.'

The protestors were from the Kurdistan National Coalition and the Kurdish Cultural Centre in London. The event was controversial because Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, a founder of the group, was the guest speaker, having rejected pleas from Labour MPs that associating with the group would discredit Labour.

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  08 Dec. 2015
Deputy Prime Minister’s Speech at the Oil and Gas Conference in London

Thank you for attending this important conference in these difficult times, and for your continued support to our development despite the challenges we face. As you all know, Kurdistan has a lot to offer to international investors and the international community.

At the same time, we are mindful of the fact that business does not occur in a vacuum and doing business with the KRG today is part of something bigger, especially since energy and economy are inseparable from security.

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  07 Dec. 2015
Karwan Jamal Tahir KRG High Representative's speech to the 5th Oil & Gas conference in London

It’s a privilege to be here at the 5th Kurdistan Oil and Gas conference and to participate in this panel with such distinguished panellists. As an oil and Gas veteran, I have proudly served the sector for three years at its most difficult period of time. At a time when we were struggling to convince companies to invest in the Kurdistan Region.  I can proudly say today after just eight years, Kurdistan have become home to hundreds of companies from more than 35 countries.

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