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  10 Jan. 2016
Summary of new report by the Ministry of Interior's Joint Crisis Coordination Center

7th January 2016
The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I) has been struggling since mid-2014 with a bombardment of shocks. It began when the Government of Iraq (GoI) slashed its funding of the Kurdistan Region, followed by ISIS attacks on Mosul, Anbar and then the Kurdistan Region, and subsequent waves of mass displacement. The region, still in crisis and nowhere near recovery, is now facing additional threats that need to be tackled immediately. Although it appears that displacement into the KR-I has largely halted, there remains a steady influx of arrivals into the region. With the dwindling of humanitarian funds and uncertainty about future levels of humanitarian aid - both in resources and funding - the gaps, constraints and inadequacies of the humanitarian response are becoming more visible and alarming.

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  10 Jan. 2016
Shingal City Rapid Damage Assessment

As a necessary step after the liberation of Shingal district mid November 2015, the Ministry of Interior of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Joint Crisis Coordination Centre (JCC) has conducted a rapid damage assessment on the early recovery needs for the twon of Shingal. On the 13th of November 2015, the Peshmerga forces, supported by the International Coalition, launched the Free Shingal Operation and liberated the district. Shingal and 28 villages were retaken after 15 months of ISIS occupation.

ISIS systematically targeted the Yezidi population for their distinct religious identity. Among the most heinous atrocities committed by the group were mass execution of civilians, abduction and enslavement of women and girls, as well as the killing of Yezidi men. Consequently, the Yezidi population has suffered the gravest atrocities committed by the group, have lost all their sources of subsistence and been displaced across the Kurdistan Region. The town is severely damaged and the infrastructure is either completely destroyed or heavily impaired. It is important to note that the population, particularly the Yezidis, need extensive assistance for safe and dignified return to their homes.

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  07 Jan. 2016
APPG Chairman Jason McCartney MP quoted KRG High Representative to the UK in a Commons question to Prime Minister

London Tuesday 5th  January 2016, APPG Chairman Jason McCartney MP quoted KRG High Representative Karwan Jamal Tahir in a Commons question to Prime Minister David Cameron who confirmed the importance of airstrikes in both Iraq and Syria in supporting the work of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces. 

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