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  29 Jan. 2016
UK to launch International Protocol in Kurdish with the KRG High Council of Women’s Affairs in March

The meeting was a follow-up on Baroness Anelay’s visit to Erbil in November 2015, to discuss the progress of launching the International Protocol on the Documentation and Investigation of Sexual Violence in Conflict in the Kurdish language. Both officials agreed to launch the document in March. As well discussing further how both governments with the support of NGOs can deliver projects in the field of empowering women to become decision makers within society and enter the marketplace to become providers for their families.

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  19 Jan. 2016
Karwan Jamal Tahir briefs Tony Blair on the crises facing the Kurdistan Region.

Mr Tahir said: "it was my privilege to meet Mr Blair and formally express the gratitude of the Kurdish people for his role in liberating
Iraq and Kurdistan from the vile dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. I also extended an invitation from my Prime Minister and government for Mr Blair to visit the Kurdistan Region."

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  18 Jan. 2016
The Kurds should not be denied our support

The romance of modern Kurdish history can be as striking as its unspeakable horrors. The largest nationality on Earth without a state of their own; a despised and massacred people, spread across Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, has become our bravest and best ally.

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