KRG’s interior minister visits the UK parliament

Alternate Text News : 11/8/2023

During his official visit to the UK, Rebar Ahmed minister of the interior of the Kurdistan Regional government visited the UK parliament and met with parliamentarian Nadhim Zahawi. In the meeting, both sides discussed the latest developments in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and the wider region. The minister of Interior thanked Mr. Nadhim Zahawi for his continuous support for the legitimate and constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Region.

Later, the minister for interior was received by Jack Lopresti Chairman of the APPG on Kurdistan Region in the British Parliament for a dinner discussion in which Wayne David MP and shadow MENA minister and Karwan Jamal Tahir KRG High Representative to the UK attended. The discussions focused on the situation in Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the wider region, and the relations between Erbil and Baghdad. Light was also shed on the bilateral relations between the Kurdistan Region and the United Kingdom and the recent developments in the Middle East. Rebar Ahmed commended on the important role of the Kurdistan Friendship Group in the British parliament in pointing out the problems in the Kurdistan Region to the British parliament and government, and defending the constitutional rights of the region, and also the impact of the group’s activities on the bilateral relations between Erbil and London, as well as how to expand the current relations and find more opportunities in all different fields.


At the same time, discussions were held about the group's future agenda.
KRG’s minister for interior thanked the group for their support to Kurdistan Region and wished them success.
The Chairman of the group and his deputy reassured the minister on the continuation of their work to gather more support for Kurdistan Region and defend the legitimate and constitutional rights of the Kurdistan people.

8th November 2023