UK NARIC recognise awards from University of Sulaimani

London, United Kingdom ( As part of the KRG UK Representation’s continued commitment to establish a process for the recognition of the Kurdistan Region’s academic qualifications in the UK, the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom, Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir proposed an initiative to UK NARIC which entailed the need for recognising qualifications obtained from the academic institutions in the Kurdistan Region.

This month UK NARIC, the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom and one of the World’s leading recognition agencies has decided to recognise academic awards from the University of Sulaimani. This institution has now been listed as fully, nationally recognised on UK NARIC members’ database. This decision will benefit individuals to study and also have access to skilled professions in the UK. The KRG UK Representation will continue to facilitate the re-evaluation process of the Kurdish universities’ recognition status with UK NARIC.

The University of Sulaimani was first established in 1968.  The University consists of 19 Colleges, the number of the colleges increased dramatically as the result of growing demands of higher education in the Region.