KRG UK Representative participates in a panel session on a range of issues including the political, security and economic developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq hosts by APPG Kurdistan

The Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region, Mr Jack Lopresti MP held a parliamentary briefing for the Kurdistan High Representative to the United Kingdom, Karwan Jamal Tahir, and Iraqi Deputy Ambassador to the UK, Nazar Mirjan with the Minister of State for International Development and Minister of State for the Middle East at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP to address the members of UK Parliament on a broad range of matters, including the political, security and economic developments in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir, the KRG High Representative to the UK stressed on the positive steps taken towards the normalization of relations between Erbil and Baghdad and also acknowledged the support bilateral relations with the UK in all spheres. With respect to international recognition of the genocide, Mr Tahir appealed to the UK Government to support the United Nations leading efforts to bring justice to the innocent civilians who have been targeted precisely by ISIS because of their religion and ethnicity.

On the KRG-Baghdad relations, the Iraqi Deputy Ambassador to the UK, Nazar Mirjan said “Iraq will be stronger with the involvement and participation of all Iraqi components, especially our Kurdish people who should enjoy full constitutional rights”, and also shared common concerns with Mr Tahir regarding the existence of ISIS in Iraq,“The battles in Syria are pushing ISIS troops to flee to the Iraqi borders, so we need the support of our friends and international coalition to deal with this situation” he added.

Minister Alistair Burt stressed the importance of further enhancing mutual cooperation and convergence of views on all major issues between Erbil and Baghdad and emphasized continuing to eliminate ISIS ideology.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, the Right Honourable Dame Rosie Winterton DBE MP and Shadow Minister for Peace & Disarmament, Fabian Hamilton MP for Leeds North East. 

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