KRG High Representative welcomed UK’s Defence Senior Adviser on the Middle East

London, United Kingdom ( Lieutenant General John Lorimer, the UK’s Defence Senior Adviser on the Middle East was received by Mr Karwan Jamal Tahir, the Kurdistan Regional Government High Representative to the United Kingdom.

Mr Tahir underscored the importance of joint security mechanism to secure Daesh’s lasting defeat, recognising the UK’s leading role in developing the KRG’s intelligence structure and providing wider military training and development for the peshmerga forces.  He said: “although we have made progress in eliminating Daesh on the ground, but it continues to pose threats with its network of terrorist affiliates.”  He added: “the UK’s defence cooperation is vital to compact the scourge of terrorism on the national and international levels.”

General Lorimer stated that the Kurds are one of the important allies in the world and “the UK remains strongly committed to working with the Kurdistan Regional Government to develop modern and strong Peshmerga forces to promote peace and protect the regional stability.”